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EVCOM to partner with Meeting Needs at #EVCOMScreens2016

As the new trophy and new venue for Screen Awards ushers in a new era for EVCOM and its members we feel it is only fitting that we also welcome a new charity partner.  We are delighted to announce that this year, EVCOM Screen Awards will be supporting the charity Meeting Needs. 

Meeting Needs provides a vehicle for the UK visual communication and live events industry to come together to do good.

Meeting Needs aims to help causes, both in the UK and overseas, currently supporting up to 40 projects each year. They favour projects that have a high return on investment and change the lives of many people, and projects that are sustainable. 

Managing Director Jennifer Jenkins said: “The UK visual communication and live events industry is diverse; there are many associations that represent us as companies and as individuals.  We believe that Meeting Needs is the only body that is truly inclusive and open to all.  The current Board – made up of volunteers – is committed to engaging with the wider industry and, in the process of raising and distributing funds, to create a unique network of fundraisers – and friends.

We are pleased that EVCOM have chosen us to be their preferred charity for the coming year.  We know that we can rely on them to help in many ways, not all related to raising funds, and we look forward to working with them.”

Steve Garvey, EVCOM Chairman said, “I’m delighted to introduce Meeting Needs as our charity partner. Meeting Needs provides a vehicle for the UK visual communication and live events industry to help causes that can’t raise sufficient funds through other sources.

We believe Meeting Needs is right for EVCOM members because they favour projects that are championed by those working in our industry. So if there’s a project you are raising money for, you can work with Meeting Needs both to increase your fundraising and widen your contacts within the industry.”