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EVCOM & Briffa issue new contract templates

Following on from the highly successful freelance specialist forum last week, where it was agreed that updated template contracts for Video Production and General Release would be incredibly useful, Media Law specialist and long-time EVCOM (previously IVCA) member Briffa have compiled a range of materials which are now available to EVCOM members.

 Briffa have provided for member use:

*Template Production Contract

*Template General Release Form

*EVCOM Guide to IP including copyright

*Guide to Production Agreements and Rights Clearance

*Guide letter to Freelancer


You will need to log into the member only area with your username and password to download the documents above.  If you need your login details resetting please contact:

These are of course template contracts. Briffa advise that any contract should be checked over by a solicitor.

Briffa also offer complimentary media law legal advice to all EVCOM Members upon quotation of their member number. They can be reached on 020 7288 6003.

If you are not a member and would like more information on joining EVCOM please contact