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Andrew Smith EVCOM Vice Chair talks VR and AR

Ahead of the attached white paper by, Andrew Smith Creatrive Director at A-Vision give us some of his thoughts on the context and impact 360 Virtual reality will have on the world of live event and screen content.

A-Vision has been working with Augmented Reality for 8 years but having looked at the impact and potential of 360 degree videos, they turned their attentions to Virtual Reality – a new technology that replicates an environment and simulates a physical presence in that environment, to a level never experienced before. Whether it is in a real-life place or an imaginary world, this mix of 3D cinema and cool gadgets could make it possible for us to experience mind-blowing visions without the need to leave our living room!

There are many different gadgets and devices for VR, but what does what? And what can we use it for? VR is currently being applied in education, music, therapy, business training, entertainment, advertising and, of course, video games.

We also see huge potential for architects and property developers to utilise this new technology to sell their projects to investors and tenants. Virtual tours of new property developments can create an even more dynamic and immediate way of engaging people. Indeed, Savills is already taking advantage of this technology…

Designing 3D objects using computers can be tricky, but now designers will be able to see in “real life” what they are creating and view it from all perspectives. Watch here the different uses of Microsoft Holo Lens.

Google Cardboard, combined with your smartphone, is another device that lets you enjoy a 360 degree experience via YouTube videos and mulitple apps that have been designed for this purpose.

A different tool which does not require a smartphone is Oculus Rift – one of the leading VR devices on the market. When combined with other gadgets such as Positional Tracking or the Virtualizer, Oculus Rift will allow users to have a much deeper, interactive experience with the media.

Here are some reactions to Oculus Rift:

HTC has launched its own product called Vive and Nokia is said to join the race of Virtual Reality with a very secretive product.

So already we can see a burgeoning market for VR, pointing to a complete revolution in the way we consume video and CGI images.

The future is now, it seems!

The whitepaper can be downloaded below: