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Multi Clarion Award Winners showcase expertise

EdComs – multi-Gold Clarion Award winners in 2017 – have announced a brand new addition to their website highlighting their successful work for clients around STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).   The “Our Expertise” section of the site will specifically showcase EdComs’ valuable input to the recognition and promotion of STEM study. Although these subjects have a major impact on all of our everyday lives it is increasingly difficult to engage students in these subjects, particularly amongst the minority ethnic groups and women.

EdComs works closely with brands, companies and STEM communities to highlight the value of the STEM subjects in schools. Brands such as BP, Wellcome Trust, E.ON and Microsoft have all partnered with EdComs to  develop highly innovative programmes.

EdComs Gold Clarion wins means that they will now qualify for the EVCOM Industry Awards 2017 which take place at The Park Plaza, Westminster on 17th November.