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Investment in Technical Training

Originating as an AV company, our technical department is still at the heart of our business. We have a passion for technology and innovation that we are excited to share with our local community. We have recently developed a number of training schemes for young individuals that share our passion for technology and are keen to work in the live events industry. We are fortunate enough to have a full in-house technical solution which puts us in a good position to offer fantastic training to those without official qualifications, both in our local area and to those further afield. Our training initiatives are designed to develop the skills they require to become fully fledged live event technicians.  The courses include programs on audio, visual and lighting design which are supported by our senior event technicians, helping to create a clear path of progression through the business.

Our Operations Manager has commented on the initiative, “The government’s pledge to invest in technical training is going to be great for the industry. It confirms that there is a clear skills gap that needs to be filled. We work in an exciting industry where technology is continuously changing and it is having a significant impact on events. With this in mind, it is important for us to support young, talented individuals who are looking to start their careers in our evolving industry”.