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Entering awards – made easy

Awards wins are a great marketing tool, independent expert endorsement of your team’s talent. But entering can seem a pain – so many out there and so little time to complete the entry process.

Here are three time-saving tips for entering the EVCOM Clarion Awards, Live Awards or Industry Awards.

1. Enter more than one category at a time

Most projects meet the criteria for more than one category, so think about entering more than one at a time. Visit, choose the awards scheme from the drop-down menu and tick the relevant box under ‘Select category’. Your entry will automatically be submitted into all the categories you select.

2. Enter more than one awards scheme at a time

Create an entry by following the steps above and completing the required fields. Save your entry. Your entry will appear at the bottom of the page. Click edit and choose a different awards scheme from the drop-down menu. Select the categories you want and save the entry again. You have now entered the same project in two awards schemes.

3. Read the rules

Sometimes entrants waste time by having to correct errors which breach the rules. The EVCOM team will normally notice the breach and contact the entrant but it’s quicker to get it right first time. Visit, choose an awards scheme and information will appear which includes a link for information and rules of entry.

How to win

All EVCOM juries are independent experts who make impartial decisions based on what is entered. So think of them first when your prepare your entry.

Don’t overwrite your copy, it won’t endear them to you. Keep it simple, brief, relevant and informative and go easy on marketing speak. Evaluation data always helps if it’s relevant, especially when it’s organic (not paid for). If you’re producing a video edit of the project, show as much of the project as possible and avoid video clichés. Above all, make it easy and not too time-consuming to judge your entry.

The EVCOM team are always happy to provide guidance on 020 7287 1002 so call us if in doubt. Good luck!

Steve Garvey, CEO